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Stephen Hughes Anniversary and Store Launch Event

The Brief

To throw Stephen Hughes a show-stopping party in Swansea, with the aim of celebrating twenty years in business and launching two new stores.

The Project

FACETS PR worked with Stephen Hughes and his team on the launch and surrounding campaign, with the main objective being to drive awareness of the new stores and the brands offered within them. Despite being on the high street for twenty years, Stephen Hughes still often had customers coming in who were unaware of the location, meaning coverage of the event needed to be heavily targeted within the Swansea area. As a Welsh national, Stephen was passionate about the event focusing on the local people and giving them thanks for the support they have shown him and his business.


With each element combined to create buzz and excitement around the launch and a fitting celebration planned to celebrate 20 years in business, the overall effect was to cement Stephen’s authority as THE leading jewellery retailer in Swansea. Due to the importance of this event, Stephen requested a multi-faceted approach to include planning and executing the event, full production, hiring celebrity talent, commercial activity, digital marketing and the management of media partners.

The Results

To kick off celebrations, FACETS PR recruited radio station, The WAVE, to launch an exclusive twenty-day competition to win 20 diamonds worth £20,000. The giveaway was the biggest ever hosted by Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds and allowed people to call into The Wave with their ‘anniversary’ stories, for their chance to win.

Following the advertising and competitions on The WAVE, Stephen noted an influx of customers, all saying that they had heard about the store launch and the event through the radio station. The competition definitely increased buzz and drove awareness for not only the brand, but also the store launch.

Top celebrity talent was a key importance for the event, with a number of a-list celebrities being considered to attend. The brief stated it was imperative that the headline celebrity was female, welsh and someone that the customer of Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds would not only recognise, but aspire to. With that in mind, Cerys Matthews, lead singer of Catatonia, was the perfect choice. As well as Cerys, Miss Wales spent the day mingling with guests and modeling pieces from stocked designers. Players from the Osprey team also joined for the VIP party and guests were treated to a host of Christmas classics, Welsh ballads and well-known hits from Last Choir Standing winners, Only Men Aloud.

Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds was able to significantly have its presence felt, not only on the launch day, but also throughout the festive period. Along with campaign posters strategically placed around the shopping centre and a bespoke marketing message played over the PA system, a beautiful Christmas floor decal path was created to lead customers from one store to the other.

On social media the campaign around the store launch was a huge success with a spike in followers across all platforms. In November the number of people reached (more than 35,000) on Twitter was 400% higher than the monthly average for the rest of the year! Taking over the Twitter account for The Quadrant helped to reach shoppers who maybe were not familiar with Stephen Hughes stores and having guests and customers interact digitally was really positive – even the Police got involved, sharing a snap from The WAVE’s live broadcast!

‘’The launch event has had an immediate and dramatic effect across all areas of the business from energizing the staff on the shop floor to head office, reengaging with past clients and introducing our brand to new customers. The buzz in the shopping centre has not stopped, with all customers still talking about the launch event two months on. It’s rejuvenated our business and as our result our business is up 50% in sales. Our Jewellery Boutique is seeing fantastic business as well as the Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds store and we’re seeing sales again across bracelets, necklaces, earrings as well as our core watches and diamonds. We’ve exceed our projected targets for January and look forward to the year ahead.’’

Stephen Hughes, founder and owner.



12th March 2017


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