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  • Dollie's Little Helper Social Media Campaign

Dollie’s Little Helpers

The Brief

FACETS PR was tasked with growing brand awareness for Dollie Jewellery, continuing to promote the brand message of energy and fun with friendship its heart. The top priority was to drive traffic to the website and capture potential new customers’ data.

The Clients

FACETS PR devised a strategy to work with five fashion bloggers in the run up to Christmas, in a reciprocal way offering them the chance to give something back to their followers. Dollie Jewellery’s audience is highly engaged on social media therefore it was imperative that this was a digital campaign.


Using influencers to promote Dollie Jewellery on social media was the basis of the plan, but needed to include a festive aspect and a call to action to ensure that vital data-capture. Selecting five on-brand bloggers, we commissioned each to select their own ‘Dollie stack’ and write a post about their choice. As part of the project it was specified that each blogger gave away their stack to one of their followers and the entry mechanism was to join the Dollie Jewellery mailing list. This was designed to ensure a host of new Dollie Girls signing up to the website at the same time as increased exposure of the product at one of the most important gifting times of the year. As each blogger was encouraged to choose her own stack to promote, it not only spoke to her reader but also her. This was just another way of showing how interchangeable and versatile the collection was; five bloggers, five different stacks.


In keeping with the Dollie world, bloggers chosen needed to be young, fun, full of life and promote the #DollieGirlGang lifestyle – meaning that they embodied the idea of empowering women, building friendships and had an excitable zest for fashion. The bloggers in the campaign included Life n Style, Katie Matthews (Kalanchoe), Fashion for Lunch, Lottie Pearce and Em Sheldon. Each of these ladies had a flair for colourful fashion, didn’t take themselves too seriously, mixed high street with key aspirational pieces and were completely relatable for the target market we were reaching for.

The Results

As a new brand, the results exceeded what was expected. The five blog posts had a combined unique user reach of over 50,000, meaning huge exposure to a very targeted audience. The bloggers were commissioned to create s combined total of ten social media posts, the campaign garnered 38 from the group, almost quadrupling the possibilities!


Not only was it successful in reaching out to the end consumer, it actually engaged them, with more than 700 emails added to the Dollie Jewellery database in the campaign’s life time. As well as this, over three months later, the posts are still referring traffic to the website, showing that there is longevity in this idea also. An incredibly successful way of targeting one of the most difficult groups to pin down!



21st March 2017


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