• Alexis Dove Social Media Jewellery Campaign
  • Alexis Dove Social Media Jewellery Campaign 1

Alexis Dove Loves…

The Brief

FACETS PR was tasked with growing the online presence of British award winning, independent designer maker Alexis Dove; specifically focusing on her highly coveted mini animal collection – Menagerie.

The Project

With social influencers now being celebrities in their own right, we knew it was important to host Alexis Dove’s next campaign digitally and specifically wanted to utilise Instagram; something not overly tapped into by the brand. Due to Alexis’s love of animals and a wish to grow awareness of the Menagerie collection, we approached the team about partnering up with some of the world’s most recognisable dogs with the idea to match her hand-made puppy pendants to them and even create a few bespoke ones.

Eleven instagrammable pups were chosen to front the campaign, all of which are featured within digital consultant, Rosalind Shimmen’s #RSPAWS – a digital look book of socially savvy pets. Homer Pugalicious (158,000 followers), Bruno the Mini Dachshund (91,700 followers), Millie the Dachshund (31,600 followers), Noodle the Dachshund (27,800 followers), Luna (23,200 followers), Suki (22,900 followers), Dexter the Dachshund (11,100 followers) and George the Sausage Dog (9,997 followers) were all bestowed with pieces from the beloved Alexis Dove Menagerie collection, based on their breed, whilst Coco the Frenchie (14,300 followers) and Elle the Frenchie (10,200 followers) saw a new piece added to the collection especially for them, with the design of Alexis Dove’s brand new Frenchie Pendant. Finally, arguably the most recognisable dog in the world – Tuna (1.8 million followers) – had the first and most exclusive Alexis Dove Chi-weenie pendant designed in his likeness…overbite and all!

Using the hashtag #AlexisDoveLoves, being seen to interact with each pup on Instagram and re-posting all images, the campaign was nothing short of a digital triumph.

The Results

The results, even right at the beginning of the campaign, showed a significant increase in engagement on Instagram. Featuring Sausage Dogs in jumpers, Pugs, Frenchies and an instantly recognisable Chi-weenie, the collection spoke not only to our four legged-friends, but their owners alike.

Along with being a completely innovative campaign that was positively commented upon in the industry, Alexis Dove was able to reach a customer she had not as of yet been in touch with. With a booming bespoke wedding and engagement ring service, the #AlexisDoveLoves campaign allowed a younger, yet aspirational audience into her world of handmade pieces without unreachable prices. In an effort to continue targeting new customers, the team at Alexis Dove has since changed the way they speak to the customer through Instagram, opting for an account that is more lifestyle focused.

“As a dog owner myself – and one who is completely in love with my own little dog – I wanted to design something that allowed other owners to carry their pets around forever; on a pendant! I am always following these puppies on Instagram, so it is great to see them sporting little versions of themselves that I created.” Alexis Dove -Founder and designer.



2nd March 2017


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